No. 40

Q. I am looking to purchase a model 72 if you can assist me please let me know. (04/14/1999)

A. The Beretta pistol model 72 is a semiautomatic gun in caliber 22 L.R.
This weapon was produced around 30 years ago. (from 1960 to 1970 approximately)
On the original catalogs it is written that the weapon is sold with two barrels, a barrel 150mm long and a barrel 90mm long.
There is nevertheless some confusion with the model 75. In fact the differences among the two models are not clear.
From a lot of time this pistol is not on the Beretta price list. Then the only possibility is to find it on the second hand market. Some time and patience will be necessary.
I can give you the address of an Italian armory that has some contact with the American market. Price? This gun should cost around 250 USD (in Italy).